Chris Messina, Meital Dohan, Rashida Jones


    The strained relationship of an engaged Brooklyn couple, Theo (Chris Messina) and Nat (Rashida Jones). Theo is bored with his job as a wedding photographer-the generic backgrounds, the artificial posing, the stilted newlyweds-so he develops an unconventional side business, called "Gumshoot," a service where clients hire him to stalk them with his camera. Becoming infatuated with one of his clients, a mystery woman who goes by the name Subgirl (Meital Dohan), Theo develops a voyeuristic obsession that forces him to confront uncomfortable truths about himself and his impending marriage.

    WRITERS: Dana Adam Shapiro, Evan M. Wiener
    DIRECTOR: Dana Adam Shapiro
    PRODUCERS: Dana Adam Shapiro, Jeffrey V. Mandel, Randy Manis, Tom Heller
    CAST: Chris Messina, Meital Dohan, Rashida Jones
    GENRE: Drama / Romance